JCC - J-Crew - Ongoing

12/09/2023 - 12/31/2025


What is J-Crew?  J-Crew is a JCC Member “Chavurah” group? Chavurah comes from the Hebrew word, chaver, meaning friend or fellowship. Each J-Crew group is a self-directed group of JCC members who come together to socialize and enjoy Jewish living. The program is designed to bring together members of the community with similar interests.

Each J-Crew decides on its own blend of socializing, Jewish celebrations, community service, and more. Some groups are all adults, some meet with their children, and some alternate between adult and family activities.

Looking to meet other members of the community with like interests?  The JCC is forming new chavurah (friend) groups.  Dining Out, Hiking, Movies, Single Parent Families, LGBTQ+ and more.  Interested?  Have an idea for a group?  Looking to chair a group?